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By allowing MX Tickets to connect your Point Of Sale Software you can quickly and easily boost exposure with third-party ticketing.

MX Tickets delivers the following features and benefits for exhibitors and ticketing platforms



A single API that offers access to any MX-connected cinema exhibitor with any connected third party ticketer, including but not limited to Vista and Veezi clients.


Short time to market

Integrating an MX-connected exhibitor with a third party ticketer can be done in minutes, opening up new ticketing opportunities immediately.



A single secure connection from you to movieXchange is all you need to integrate with any number of MX-connected exhibitors or third party ticketers.


Scale and performance

MX Tickets is built for cloud scale, automatically growing as needed to service any number of requests and caching common requests to deliver great performance.

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The studio-official movie media database, available directly through your cinema management software, our web portal and API.

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The easiest way for cinemas to share data-rich showtimes in near real-time with third parties and moviegoers.

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