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The studio-official movie media portal for cinema exhibitors, film distributors and media worldwide.

Cinema Exhibitors

Don't tell us you're still typing in film data and finding posters manually...

Your movie media is available directly through your cinema management software or a web portal.


Central Location

All your official movie data and media, provided by distributors, in a single easy to use portal.


Localized Content

MX Film delivers the right data to the right place, so you get the languages, correct run-times and ratings for your region.


Automated Updates

Simplify your workflow and ensure you're always using the latest content when you connect your cinema management software to MX Film.


Wide Range of Media

The range of movie data and media assets will equip your film programmers, marketing teams and site managers with everything they need.

How MX Film will benefit your teams

Film Distributors

Rest easy knowing your promotional content is in the right place, at the right time, for the right audience.

Make your region-specific movie media available to the correct exhibitor locations.


Automated Delivery

Deliver your movie media directly to connected exhibitor sales channels and be sure moviegoers are getting the latest content.


Smart Media Uploader

You can bulk upload movie media files and our intelligent upload tool will look at the file format and aspect ratios to determine the media type, such as movie posters, web banners or trailers.


Unlimited Media Uploads

Share all your promotional media content with no restrictions on file type, size, or volume and all free!


Insights & Reporting

Our reporting features both 'at a glance' overviews and detailed insights on each movie, ensuring you have a full understanding of interactions with your promotional assets.

MX Film

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A single access point for third-party ticketing worldwide, providing immediate connection between ticketers and cinemas.

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The easiest way for cinemas to share data-rich showtimes with third parties and moviegoers.

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